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We are completely online. Our $49.00 fee includes three laminated cards: two letter size and one wallet size. One letter size is for dispensaries, the other is for growing up to six plants for your medical use, in accordance with local regulations (it’s an extra card if you are not growing), and a wallet size card for law enforcement. The cards are sent to you at no additional charge.

You can also print out a recommendation letter immediately upon approval by our doctor.

Our Easy 3-Step Process

After you submit your application you’ll then schedule a brief phone interview with or doctor. Once you’re approved you’ll receive your digital card within an hour. Your physical card will be mailed at the same time – at no additional charge. Get started today!


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Patient Intake and Consent Form

To begin the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card, please fill out the following form:

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About Us

David G. Balter MD received his medical degree from UCLA in 1976. He practiced Dermatology for over 30 years until a fall while hiking Mt. Whitney caused an end to his practice.

During and after his five orthopedic operations, Dr. Balter intimately understood chronic pain. While in recovery, he personally experienced the great benefits of cannabis for joint pain, nerve pain, muscle cramps and insomnia, and the superiority and safety of cannabis over pharmaceuticals for those problems and for many other problems.

After thoroughly educating himself in medical marijuana, he started Central Coast Medical Recommendations in February 2015. He has seen thousands of patients in his Arroyo Grande, CA office.

Dr. Balter regularity attends scientific medical marijuana meetings so that he can provide the best information and advice for his patients. Our company website allows patients throughout the state of California to teleconference with Dr. Balter to obtain their California medical marijuana recommendations and a treatment plan.

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